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Published on April 9th, 2018 | by Jelena D


3 Ways To Earn Extra Money

Do you want make extra money? Sure, we all do. (To quote Sally Struthers.) In this era of the Bush Depression and the continuing GOP effort to block any economic recovery not on their own ideologically outdated terms, people need extra money not to buy a CD or video game or pair of jeans, but to buy food and pay rent. There do exist ways to make some extra bucks that can be termed easy depending on whether you are similar to the slacker Simon Pegg played in the British TV show Spaced or whether you are a real go-getter with a can-do attitude.

One foolproof way to make an extra hundred a week is by becoming a substitute teacher. The actual qualifications and process for making extra money by becoming a substitute teacher varies according to school district, but in most cases only a two-year degree is required. How much money substitute teachers make also varies, though usually it is in the $50 to $100 a day range; mostly closer to the $50 range, alas. (Trillions for an unnecessary war, but thousands for education. No Child Left Behind is there because the GOP like their constitutents dumb as a sack of Dale Earnhardt, Juniors.)

A couple or three days of week of becoming a real life Peggy Hill from King of the Hill and you could put a few extra portraits of dead founding fathers into your bank account. Over the course of a month that extra money might mean the difference between paying your electric bill or not. If you don’t have a two-year degree and you’re still good at teaching and have substantial knowledge, writing papers and essays for students is where the money is. There are lots of writing services out there looking for freelancers like you.

Everybody’s got junk and old stuff hanging around the house. eBay lets you turn your trash into another person’s treasure. Rather than trading in all that big pile of video games you’ve already beaten to a pulp, earn some extra money by selling. If you take a good look around your house, you will find you’ve got stuff you don’t really need or use anymore? George Foreman grill? Old college textbooks? That shirt that you really love but were too fat to wear even as you were buying? This stuff is pure gold, man! Put it up for auction on eBay and make some money.

Here’s one you probably didn’t think of: recycling scrap metal. Do you know how much copper is worth today? So much that people are actually breaking into houses and schools and offices to steal it from the air conditioner unit. Don’t know about where you live, but where I live we hear about someone being arrested for copper theft at least once a week. No, I’m not suggesting you become a criminal and steal scrap metal. Many people already have some scrap metal lying around the house; especially those who have had re/novations done. Again, it may be just because I live in hurricane central, but a one mile walk on almost any road in my hometown will easily turn up scrap metal pieces on the side of the road.

How much extra money can be earned from selling scrap metal for recycling purposes is impossible to determine because the prices varies according to the metal and the place buying it, but if you’ve got a jar of nails that you know you’ll never use because they were in the garage when you bought the place, it is at least worth the effort.

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