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4 Ways A Classy Product Label Says A Lot About Your Business

In many ways, the product label is the first introduction to your business. Many clients will see your product on store shelves without knowing much about it, or what sets it aside from the competition. For this reason, a product label should do more than simply label your product. A good label product is almost like a mini advertisement, taking advantage of your one last shot to catch the customer’s attention. How can you make a good first impression and encourage clients to choose your product over the others? Here’s what a classy product label says about your business, and why you should invest in a good graphic designer.

A Classy Label Looks Professional

No matter what you’re selling, you want your label to look professional. You can have fun with the design, adding bright colors and humor, but a good label is ultimately crisp, clean, and functional. The quality of your label tends to reflect back on your business. If your product labels are crowded, hard to read, confusing, or poorly designed, clients might view your business as careless and sloppy. A well-made label shows your dedication to your business and implies that there’s a quality product waiting inside.

A Classy Label Doubles as an Advertisement

When the customer is in the store, studying your product among the others on the shelf, that’s your final chance to make an impression. You can’t print an entire advertisement on the label, but you can display close-up pictures, product features, benefits, and more. By taking advantage of this final opportunity, you’re displaying shrewd business sense and showing your dedication to selling your product.

A Classy Label Gives the Customers What They Need

If the customer isn’t familiar with your product, they’ll probably study the label to get an idea of the features and benefits. A good label is clear, organized, and easy-to-read, making it easy for customers to get the information that they need before making a decision. When you provide this information, you’re showing customers that you care about them and want to make the decision-making process as easy as possible.

A Classy Label Promotes Brand Recognition

A good product label should be consistent with the rest of your marketing materials–same logo, same slogan, similar color scheme, etc. This consistency helps promote brand recognition, making your product seem familiar to your clients. A familiar product is comforting, and people are more likely to reach for a familiar product than one they’ve never seen before. Consistent marketing isn’t just professional–it gives your customers a small sense of stability in their lives.

You might be offering a high-quality product, but if the label is confusing or unattractive, your clients will be more likely to reach for the competitor’s product instead. A good label catches the client’s eye, assures them that your product is worth the money, and makes them more likely to come back for more. Whether you make them or hire a company like Northwest Label to make them, it’s the face of the company on a sticker.  As you develop your marketing strategy, don’t cut costs when it comes to designing labels. Good product labels can make or break your business–and in today’s faced-paced marketing world, every detail count.

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